We thought we had the most outstanding agent when we sold our home in California, and didn’t think anyone could beat her hard work and professionalism, that is until we met Lilli and signed her to be our agent to help us buy a house in the Fort Lauderdale area. Honestly, if not for her hard work, and her professionalism, we would not of found our dream house so fast. And speed was a necessity for us!  She helped us through every step, and now that the house has closed she is still helping us with questions we have. She worked long hours for us and has become a great friend in the process. If you are looking to buy a house; and you don’t use Lilli as your agent you are going to missing out on the best experience you could have. Thanks Lilli. You ARE the greatest, and made our experience a very pleasant, and pleasurable one.

Michael Cole
Home Buyer

Within an hour or so of calling Lilli, she was at my house with comps. She looked at my home, educated me on who she is as a realtor, the process, the market, and what she thought I could get for my home. She came across as smart, realistic, and personable.

Lilli is experienced in real estate but here’s the most important: if you hire Lilli, she will truly be your advocate through the entire process. A buyer approached us and it was not an easy negotiation process. Lilli successfully kept me sane, represented my desires, and made the deal happen. I was amazed at how she made the whole thing happen.

Other things to know about Lilli: Lilli is a great communicator- you will always know what is going on. Further, if you email her, you will get a prompt reply. If you call or text her, she either responds immediately or she will let you know that she is unavailable and will give you a time frame of when she can get back to you.

Last tid bit I want to share–I had to move to Chicago while my house was still for sale. Hurricane Irma decided to make an appearance in Florida and I could not check on my home during that time. After Irma passed, Lilli and her husband came over to my house, made sure everything was okay, cleaned up the branches, and fixed a gutter that had fallen over.

Thank you Lilli for everything you did for me! You are one of a kind!

Diana Stapp
Home Seller

After hundreds of emails, phones calls, text messages and dozens of visits at potential properties, I finally found my dream home. This would not have been possible without Lilli.

Without a doubt, when it comes to real-estate agents, Lilli stands head and shoulders above the rest. What sets Lilli apart from other real estate agents (and I have known quite a few) is her incredible passion for her work and commitment to her clients.

I found Lilli’s level of professionalism to be remarkable. Lilli’s approach is unique – it is not about finding the client just any property – it’s about finding the client the right one. In my case, my dream home. She is extremely resourceful and an endless source of information and advice. Lilli has the ability to known what information and advice you need long before you realize you need that information. Her devotion to her clients is truly second to none, constantly making significant personal sacrifices to ensure that I had everything we needed at all times.

I am not a person to write reviews. However, I felt compelled to do so when it comes to Lilli. For most people, buying a home is the single most significant purchase they make in their lifetime. Finding the right agent is crucial. I would not hesitate to say that you will not be able to find a better agent.

Hilik Elmaleh
Home Buyer

When dealing with one of life’s biggest decisions (buying/selling real estate), Lilli helps makes the process smooth, organized all with such professionalism and class. Lilli is very responsive, provides helpful insight and information in making a decision, and really puts the client’s best interest first. I would highly recommend her for anyone’s real estate needs and am confident she will make your process as seamless as she did for us!

Marla Neufeld
Home Buyer/Seller

Lilli is amazing! My husband and I were first time home buyers looking for a realtor and we found Lilli from online reviews. I am so glad that we found her and had the pleasure of working with her. Lilli is a very knowledgeable and professional realtor. She provided us with helpful advice and she made the home buying process very easy and seamless for us. She helped us narrow down the location and type of house that we were looking for, and she was very responsive to our emails and phone calls. The whole home buying process took about 7 weeks. I was so impressed by how fast and smoothly everything went.

We also had a difficult seller but Lilli was able to push for our needs. After we closed, Lilli helped us find various companies/people for some home improvement projects that we wanted work on. I would definitely use Lilli as my realtor again. Thank you Lilli for all your hard work, and for everything you did for us!

Carol Finnell
Home Buyer

This review is for Lilli selling our place.  She is phenomenal.

Background: Just prior to switching to Lilli, we had purchased a property with a long time realtor friend, but unfortunately had a miserable experience, beginning to end.  We had to sever ties.  Our realtor pretty much abandoned us mid  purchase, was even MIA at closing.  It felt like him giving us a spoon, him telling us to dig a hole to build a pool and him saying later that he helped us after we struggled and figured out how to build a pool some other random easier way. Easier than a darn spoon.

We yelped and found Lilli.

Introduction: Lilli is this happy smiling confident lady when she met us at our property.  Her presentation was impressive. She went over her sales techniques and her very thoughtful approach with her clients.  We were skeptical coming from such a long standing relationship with a realtor we eventually completely lost confidence in.  We were coming to her heartbroken in a sense.

Finding a buyer: Lilli had comps our first meeting, but we questioned her comps and she didn’t blink.  She kept us updated. She did what she said she would do.  The communication was amazing.  She advertised with phenomenal pictures, video, networked hard, asked for suggestions, gave suggestions, each week was at least 2-3 emails from her, even if activity was slow, just to let us know she was on it.  She hustled.  She listened.

Buyer: short story, she worked it. We sold in about 2 months after switching our property over to her.

She congratulated us profusely, very very kind gifts including a donation to the humane society in our honor. How awesome is that?  Our rescues gave her paws up. Lol.

Thanks Lilli.

Daphne Brown-Dyer
Home Seller

Lilli is THE BEST Realtor on EARTH!!! We had a very challenging sale in that the buyer’s agent never returned phone calls and the mortgage company lied constantly about the status of the loan for months. Lilli had to do push, push, push and follow up after others involved in the transaction just to get them to do their jobs. In my opinion, she not only deserved her commission 10 fold, but she also deserved the buyers’ agent’s commission because she had to do that realtor’s work too. If I ever have to sell or buy another house in her area, the only realtor I will call is Lilli Stevens!!!

Elizabeth Leng
Home Seller

I can’t say enough about how helpful Lilli has been. I live in Connecticut and I needed to clean out and sell the Florida home of my elderly aunt. I never met Lilli face to face but I can honestly say that she made a difficult situation seem like a breeze. She is extremely good at communication. She made great suggestions and I always knew exactly where everything stood at all times. The whole process from beginning to end took three months. I never had to take a trip down to Florida to handle any of it. Everything was done remotely. Being I am also caring for my elderly mother here in CT, the ease and the speed of the process was a God send. I would recommend Lilli to anyone needing to sell their home.

Carol Gallagher
Home Seller

We moved down to Ft. Lauderdale from out-of-state due to my husband’s work. After much thought and discussion, we decided that it would be a better investment to buy (vs. renting). Though we had some friends who offered to recommend realtors, we did our own research and found Lilli. She had great reviews so we decided to give her a try– I say “try” because as we all know, reviews on the internet are not always the most reliable…

Since day one, Lilli has offered invaluable advice with regards to any and all aspects of home buying. With it being our first home, we were very anxious and wanted to make the perfect purchase. Lilli was sensitive and understanding to our needs and offered guidance where we were lacking. She made sure that she gave us all of the information and resources we might need (and more) to make the best decision possible. To my surprise, she always told us to take our time and really make sure that we knew what we wanted. She was never pushy or tried to sell us on anything– instead, she encouraged us to be thoughtful and decidedly resolute before proceeding with any and all decisions. She was always happy to take us to view any and all of the homes (there were a lot of them) we were interested in– she really made us feel like we were her only and most important clients (though I know she was super busy and had a lot of other people she was taking care of).

Lilli is an honest person that really cares about people and understands that the best thing she can do for her business is to earn the trust and respect of her clients (hello, referrals!). Lilli always went, and continues to go above and beyond for us. Two months after our purchase and we are still in contact with her! She is always ready with recommendations for any contractors we might need (which she receives NO benefit from, might I add) and has a wealth of knowledge, ready to answer any questions we might have (pet peeve: when you ask someone a question and they give you some BS wrong answer because they are too lazy to look it up, and/or because they want to seem like they are SUPER informed and know everything, when in fact, they don’t). Even all of the people she has referred us to have been excellent and stand-up people in general.

What could have been a very daunting and stress-filled experience was seamless, thanks to Lilli’s professionalism, years of experience, genuine concern for others, and unrelenting work ethic. She was always reachable (via phone, text, email, etc.) and made sure to be very clear and communicative. I have yet to meet someone who is as responsive as she is…! I absolutely recommend her to any and every person who is interested in purchasing a home in the Broward county area.

Sandra Choi
Home Buyer

My wife and I were first-time homebuyers. We were coming from NYC so we knew nothing about the South Florida market, but through Yelp, we found Lilli. We can’t say enough about Lilli. She isn’t someone who views her job as a way to make money off of people, but to ultimately serve her clients and ensure that they are happy. It is incredibly refreshing to meet someone who cares so deeply about their craft and for other people. Lilli helped us understand the various neighborhoods of Broward county and allowed us to explore them for ourselves. That was great advice bc no matter how nice the pictures are, driving through neighborhoods is such an important part of “feeling at home”. I’ve never met someone so prompt with emails, phone calls, etc. What I’ve come to learn is that in South Florida…that is a very rare trait. She is incredibly organized and does everything she can to reduce the anxiety that the homebuying process naturally causes. She answered all of our questions about the process and really educated us on the pros and cons of various decisions. I felt she was very objective and helped us consider all aspects of our purchase. But beyond being our real estate agent, Lilli finds a way to bond with you as a friend and confidant. Buying a home is a very intimate experience and knowing that you have someone that you can trust and is looking out for your best interest is very comforting. Even after we bought a home, Lilli has helped us find various people to help service our home, whether its an electrician, flooring, or other renovation projects. And she doesn’t get any kickbacks, she just does this because she wants her clients to have the best service and work with the best people in the industry. My wife and I are so grateful that we were able to find Lilli. For those of you who are scouring the internet and reading review after review of various real estate agents, trust me when I say, you don’t need to look any further. You will be glad you went with Lilli, and after you buy your home, you will find yourself writing the same sort of review about her.

John and Sandra Yang
Home Buyer