Finding a Real Estate Agent: Should I work with the agent with most real estate signs?

People are visual creatures so many times they check with the most visible agent. A lot of real estate agents have a lot of real estate signs. But, are benches, property signs and storefront the only criteria in looking for an agent? NO.

What they are, are a start. It is totally acceptable to check out those agents. Many of them are great! But some might not be as great.

Some agents are not very honest about value with listings, and tell the seller what they want to hear so they get the listing. The property sits on the market for months and the agent can have their face on a sign for a while.

What if an agent has so many listings, that they aren’t very responsive, because they have too much on their plate?

What if the agent is just the FACE of the advertising, and if you work with them, one of their agents from their team works with you.

Also, if all of their signs are in one neighborhood, are they familiar with other areas?

There are many real estate agents who have a lot of real estate signs. They have been in the business for years and have built a large book of business. And those agents got there by being awesome!

So, how you should you further screen an agent with a lot of real estate signs?


  1. Ask how many listings they have had and how long they have been on the market?
  2. Does the agent show personally or use a lockbox? (If they show personally how do they accommodate all the showings on all their listings?)
  3. How are showings scheduled? Are they run through the office? A 1-800 number? An assistant? You want an agent who handles showing requests and inquires themselves. They should have their personal cell phone on the sign.
  4. How often do they check in with their customers?
  5. Do they have a team or do you get to work with the agent you are hiring only?


  1. Will the agent be showing your properties or their assistant? Or team member?
  2. Are they available to show properties on nights and weekends?
  3. Who handles their business if they are ever on vacation?
  4. Do you get their personal cell phone?
  5. What is their contact availability hours?

Personality and trust is very important. You want an agent who you feel comfortable with, who you feel is looking out for your best interests.

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  1. I like your advice to learn how the agent does their job and how their team operates when it comes to customer and client service since it would help you determine if they are the real estate agent suited for you. I do agree with this since a proper screening of brokers will also help you learn how competent they are without even asking for referrals first. Additionally, checking with the BBB would be a great way to learn about their work history. That should be really helpful when we decide to move for 2018 since we’ve been living in the same house for 7 years now. Thanks for the tips on how to find a real estate agent!


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