How often should you contact your Realtor?

Whenever you buy or sell a property, you probably are going to ask a Realtor for help. What kind of relationship are you expecting? The basis for any good real estate relationship is good communication.

Buyer’s Real Estate Agents

Depending on your timeline, that will dictate how often you should be communicating with your agent. If you are slowly starting to look, hoping to buy in a year, your Realtor should be sending you properties at least a couple of times a week. A good buyer’s agent should go at your pace. So, if you are a buyer who wants to be discussing properties often, they should be in touch with you multiple times a week. If you are a buyer who just likes to watch the market from the sidelines, then your agent might be in touch with you 1-3 times a month.

But, if you are actively looking, your agent should be sending you properties daily and responding to your emails, calls or texts, the same day. As much as your agent should be reaching out to you, you need to be corresponding to your agent. Your agent can only help you so much. You need to give them feedback on the properties, and tell them what you are looking for. If you don’t like what they are sending you, you need to tell them that.

When working with buyers who are activity looking, I constantly check in for feedback. Do we need to adjust the price? Do we need to adjust the sq ft? Do we need to remove or add the pool option? Do we need to add or remove an area?

Your agent should be constantly asking you questions to see how they can better assist you. You do not need a tour guide, you need a real estate agent who is there to help you.

Seller’s Real Estate Agents

Your real estate agent should really lead here. They should let you know when there are showings, and then follow up to give you feedback from those showings. They should also keep you updated on marketing efforts and comparative market activity.

Your agent should do a major check in, every 3-4 weeks.

However, if you have questions, at any time, you should reach out to your agent. If something happens to your house, you need to get with your agent. If you update something, or something breaks, talk to your agent. If you emptied out your house, tell your agent, so they can retake the photos.


A real estate agent is supposed to be an extension of their customer. So, they should go at your pace, while still being helpful. You need to give them feedback and communicate with them what you expect and what you need from them.


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