Wait, how long have you been doing this?

Often, I run into REALTORS® that have been in the business forever, yet still don’t seem to know what they are doing.

I had a listing in Fort Lauderdale, and a buyer’s agent could show the property by using the Supra lockbox. A Supra is an electronic lockbox that only REALTORS® can access with their Supra key. Supra keeps a log that the listing agent can access online, of everyone that has accessed the property using the Supra.

Only REALTORS® have Supra keys, so it protects the property a bit better than using basic push button lockboxes that you get at Home Depot.

REALTORS® have a tendency of giving out the codes (with push buttons lockboxes) to their buyers, and the buyers go see the property without any REALTOR® supervision.

Using the Supra key, avoids that problem.

A REALTOR® wanted to show my listing, but said that her Supra key wasn’t working. (This REALTOR® had been in the business for over 20 years.) My seller always left the property when REALTORS® were showing, but wasn’t too far. He came back and let her in.

The closing took close to two months, and even at the end of the deal, she still hadn’t gotten her Supra key fixed. Having a Supra is something a REALTOR® needs to show properties. When mine isn’t working, I make sure to have it fixed within 24 hours.

The buyer’s side had a 7 day inspection period. She called me on day 8, saying that the buyer had issues with the inspection. I had to remind her that her inspection period had passed, and that they couldn’t do anything about the issues.

A REALTOR® should always be paying attention to deadlines, and keep their customers informed of them, every step of the way.

This REALTOR® didn’t seem to put much effort into being on top of things. Just because a REALTOR® has been doing it a long time, doesn’t automatically make them good at it. So, make sure that your REALTOR® has a good response time, and pays good attention to detail.

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