How to make your move a bit easier.

RISMedia had a helpful article on ways that you can make your move easier.

Here are their tips:

  1. Find Freebies: They warn you not to get supermarket cartons, since they may contain food residue. Instead, they suggest using Craigslist or to get boxes.
  2. Pack to Unpack: Pack the kitchen first (it has the most items that aren’t needed everyday) and when unpacking, save the kitchen for last, starting with the bedrooms.
  3. Color-Code: If you label the boxes with everything in it, it could be more susceptible to get stolen. Give each room a color, and mark each box accordingly.
  4. Bag It: Don’t waste time packing up clothes, just put a garbage bag over them and transport them just like that.
  5. Cover Up: Don’t waste money on the mattress cover your moving company might offer to sell you. Just put a bunch of old fitted sheets on your mattress.
  6. Wrap It: Don’t empty each drawer of a piece of furniture, just use plastic wrap and wrap the entire piece of furniture, so the drawers won’t open when moving.
  7. Tape: Any items that you have to take apart and reassemble, put all the bolts and screws in a ziploc bag and tape it to the item.
  8. Fill Space: Since items can move around in a moving truck, put socks or t-shirts in between them, so they are less likely to get damaged.
  9. Even It Out: Evenly distribute the weight of everything in your moving truck, to help prevent damage.
  10. Be Secure: Face the furniture with the drawers towards the wall of the truck.

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