Always play nice

You often hear people brag about their REALTOR® being a “Pit bull.” They want a REALTOR® who is going to “go to battle for them” in a sense.

They want their REALTOR® to get them everything.

But, you have to stop and think about that as a big picture. A real estate transaction is between buyer and seller, with (usually) a REALTOR® for the buyer and a REALTOR® for the seller.

If everyone is being nasty and harsh, how well do you think that will end? There are many “battles” in a real estate transaction. And people get very prideful and stubborn when the other side is not playing nice.

If you negotiate harshly to get the contract, how nice do you think the other side is going to be during the inspection? Chances are, they are not going to be that agreeable to demands/requests that you make along the way.

I have seen buyers whine throughout the whole deal, and guess what? The sellers didn’t feel like doing anything to work with them.

I have seen sellers dig their heels in, not budging on anything, and the buyers cancel the deal.

Also, if your REALTOR® is that much of a “Pit bull,” chances are, other REALTORS® don’t like doing business with them. And if there are multiple offers, the listing agent might advise the sellers not to go with your offer, because your REALTOR® is difficult to work with.

You want a REALTOR® who is a good negotiator, that is well liked, and gets things done, with a pleasant smile the whole way through. 🙂

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