How much do people play by the rules?

Working with people from different areas, you find that many people have different expectations of how real estate should go.

Real estate varies per area, which is why it is important to ask your REALTOR® what you can expect.

I had a buyer who used to be a REALTOR® in California, and was looking to buy in Wilton Manors.

He told me that he wanted everything permitted in any house he bought. In theory, that is something someone should want. But it is something one could expect?

Sadly, South Florida is not one for playing by the rules. Getting a permit can be a long process, which can delay the work being done. Every city is different, and sometimes it can get costly, along with the inconvenience.

Some cities try to make it as easy as possible, and people should be getting permits more often. While other cities make it so miserable, that people would rather skip the permit than deal with the hassle.

Sure, the big items, such as roof, hurricane protection, pool, structural, electrical and plumbing, should be permitted. But, most cities say that you should permit everything. But in reality, not everyone is going to permit every little thing they do.

I am not saying that people should think that they don’t need a permit. You should be getting permits. But as a buyer, you might find that a property isn’t permitted. That is why you have a home inspection to make sure the property is in good shape.

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