Let’s talk about the dead guy

Part of the reason I love my job, is that I get to tell all these “interesting” stories.

I had a seller who was a bit stubborn on her price. The problem was that there was a reverse mortgage on the home. Her father passed a year before and that forced the debt to become due. She kept getting extensions, which happens, but isn’t the norm.

We went in and out of contract a few times, with each falling apart.

After our third extension (which was the most they supposedly give), she did let me lower the price, and we had some interest, but still needed a contract to get the extension.

A month before our extension expiration, my seller went to a medium. She told me that her father spoke to her, and said that he had faith that she would sell it, but to not worry about the deadlines.

A week before the extension expiration, we got a contract. We submitted it to the bank to try and get another extension, so we could close. The bank said that they couldn’t process it in time, and they started the foreclosure process.

I did my part working with the contract to get to closing (which would be two weeks after the expiration), and my seller harassed the bank for that time period, as not to incur the unnecessary foreclosure fees.

My seller did get them to stop the foreclosure and the extra fees, as well as getting them to apologize profusely.

We closed two weeks later and my seller was able to sell the home before it went into foreclosure.

The day of closing she told me, “See, the dead guy told us everything would be ok, and you didn’t need to worry about the deadlines. Remember to listen to the dead guy.”


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